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LED lamps status and market potential

Speaking of home lighting equipment, people's minds may emerge out of a plurality of categories, from incandescent to fluorescent tubes straight, from energy-saving lamps (self-ballasted fluorescent lamps) to LED lamps ......

To improve energy efficiency, our country from October 2012 from 1st to gradually ban the import and sale of general lighting incandescent, energy saving, environmental protection has become an important element in the home LED lamps lighting market.

Supermarkets and other stores accounted for LED lamps gradually rise "from the beginning of the year 2014, we have gradually increased the volume on the LED bulbs, began selling a not very good, probably eight or nine months after the sales to clear up, and now basically CFL sales were flat.

"Recently a couple of years, we are basically installed LED lamps, and their prices have also decreased." Engaged in home improvement hydropower transformation of nearly 10 years in Xi'an Wang told reporters, in the long run, LED lamps is a trend for household lighting.

led Lamps innovation in the shade lamps, color temperature and other aspects by gradually meet a variety of occasions applications. In an interview on the part of LED lamps manufacturers found that there are many companies to increase R & D efforts, combined with the actual market demand for the introduction of related products. I believe that with the deepening of research and development, there will be more in line with the actual needs of LED products in the market, which would also help to play LED lamps technology, accelerating the pace of universal.

Our Shenzhen Mingxue optoelectronic Co., Ltd are on the way to achieve the target.

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