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LED Outdoor Lighting

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China LED Outdoor Lighting Suppliers
LED Outdoor Lighting is the name of the lighting is exposed in the outdoor lighting. Usually with the surrounding roads, landscapes, buildings combined lighting design and installation, so as to achieve its functional and artistic unity.

LED Outdoor lighting, including street lamp, wall lamp, road lights, landscape lights (Chinese lights, fireworks lights, cherry lights, etc.), lawn (stainless steel grass lamp), buried lights, wall lights, outdoor spotlights, Wall lights and so on.

Many domestic residential use of led outdoor lighting (according to tree lights, lights, etc.) are 220V high-pressure lights, in the event of leakage or damage is easy to hurt people, with the relative in foreign countries have been thoughtful in this regard, most of the led outdoor lightings through the transformer buck, to control it within the human safety voltage, so as to ensure safety.

In addition, some Outdoor LED Garden Light appropriate use of glass products, some people think that glass is also outdoor lighting safety instability in one of the factors, but experts believe that good quality glass (especially special glass) even if the damage to people's damage is also very Small, if the developers can focus on the use of building materials, willing to use the cost of good materials, can greatly improve the safety factor.
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