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LED Lighting Alternative to Traditional Acceleration

Global lighting market can be divided into general lighting, automotive lighting and display three categories, including general lighting, office lighting, home lighting, rail lighting, etc., the market share of up to 80%.
2015, LED lighting market will come to 25.7 billion US dollars, 31% penetration rate in 2016 reached 30.5 billion US dollars, penetration increased to 36%.

As the most promising LED light source has many advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life. With the phasing out of incandescent, countries have introduced ban incandescent schedule. As early as 2012, the EU, Japan, Canada had a total ban on the use of incandescent lamps. 2014, the United States banned the sale of 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W incandescent light bulbs. Meanwhile, China also banned the import and sale of incandescent 60W and above, which will vigorously promote the sustainable development of China's LED lighting market is expected to further enhance market penetration.

At present, China's LED lighting applications is still at a preliminary stage of penetration, including general lighting, LED displays, traffic lights, car lights and LCD backlight and other fields. LED industry chain from the point of view, can be divided into upstream raw materials, chips; LED package midstream; downstream LED applications.

With respect to the chip industry, the middle reaches of LED packaging industry's most competitive species than the whole package.

With the continuous improvement and the rapid increase market share in the field of high-end packaging technology, the future of LED packaging will continue to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


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