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DC-powered modular SSL delivers efficiency and flexibility (MAGAZINE)

While traditional LED-based products using AC/DC drivers are proving successful in the lighting market, a more efficient lighting method using DC modular lighting can prove more advantageous in many applications. This article will describe one approach to DC modular solid-state lighting (SSL) and demonstrate its advantage in efficiency along with ease of installation and integration directly into the built environment. Moreover, the concept could fundamentally change the perception of finished luminaires as the building block of commercial indoor lighting and deliver unprecedented advantages for the environment.

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DC modular lighting consists of multiple low-voltage DC zones, each containing multiple, modular, and movable SSL elements instead of singular large dedicated fixtures. By eliminating single-purpose fixtures and using low-voltage DC modules, the end user no longer needs to fear lighting and can more easily participate in its design, installation, and adaptation. There is a cascading set of benefits derived from eliminating dedicated fixtures and high-voltage AC for lighting.

This is a artical that Published on:July 25, 2016 By Scott Zimmerman, William Livesay, and William Evans
Goldeneye, and Engineering and Campus Energy department at Princeton University

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